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House keeping Services

The cleansing staff will be deployed in shifts; majority of them will be in the first and second shift.


The cleansing activities will also include the following activities:


► Identifying user areas and user locations in the building.

► Recording details of consumable items issued for each location.
► Recording details of inspections.
► Recording of cleansing request from client.
► Recording details of daily cleansing non-compliances.


Apart from cleansing activities the cleaning staff will collect all general waste and storage in dedicated storage areas before collection for disposal by vendors.


Cleansing activities will be scheduled and supervised to achieve the desired results. The schedules will be predetermined for all corridors, walkways, stair cases, toilets/wash rooms, covered and uncovered car parks, collection of general waste, plant rooms, roof tops, lifts, escalators, and all other common areas.

Schedules will also be prepared for periodic activities such as scrubbing, polishing, high pressure water jetting, facade cleaning etc and implemented. This will also be strictly monitored through the CMMS for compliance and effectiveness.


Routine inspections will be conducted by the facility managers & supervisors and the results recorded in the CMMS. Poor performance results will be investigated by the head of housekeeping and relevant corrective measures instituted and monitored. Adequate signage’s will placed when carrying out cleansing activities.