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Facility Management

At SFMPL the philosophy to maintenance of engineering systems and equipment is based on an acronym for 3 words, which we call as RAM. It stands for Reliability, Availability & Maintainability. We believe our strategy should ensure the assets are reliable whilst in use, available for use at all times and easily maintainable. This will also lead to extended life of assets reduced down time and delay the use of sinking funds for asset replacement programs. Coupled with the above philosophy we also pride in ensuring our Engineers, technicians, plant and equipment operators are continuously trained as part of our commitment to competency development so that the client’s assets are being maintained to benchmarked standards.

It is important that all the assets data is electronically maintained for ease of retrieval and for future reference. Our comprehensive and structured asset maintenance program will go along way in assisting in reducing asset downtime and extending its life. This program can also be benchmarked against any international asset management requirements or best practices.

The following will be part of the asset management process:

► Asset & Location Identification & Tagging

► Asset Database management

► Asset Record management

► Asset Condition Appraisal

► Scheduled and Unscheduled work management

► Work flow management

► Plant Operations and management

► Subcontractors & AMC management

► Warranty management

► Asset Decommissioning and Disposal

► Fast Moving Spare parts and inventory management.

► Reporting and Monitoring.


Electromechanical Services


The primary focus of SFMPL is on providing cost effective and timely maintenance programs to ensure better quality of facility management and higher yields through effective equipment performance.

Electro-Machinacal Services- Features:

► Operation & Maintenance of All Installation.

► HT/LT Supplu & Distribution.

► Diesel Generator & Power Backup Supply.

► Breakdown Maintenance

► Co-ordination with Contract agencies including Third Party Contractors.

► Energy Conservation.

► MIS Reporting.

► Preventive & Predictive Maintenance.

► Checking & Maintenance of all types of DG sets.

► Check proper functioning, alignment & vibration.

► Check DG sets for any abnormal sounds.


The proposal is prepared to provide comprehensive E&M engineering and management services at various Groups property. The services will cover a full range of Assets and Systems including all M&E services, Building and its Fabrics, Sewage Systems, Fire Fighting Systems & Fire Safety, Water systems, PA & CCTV Systems and any other asset or system used in providing all engineering services. The comprehensive maintenance program, which we propose uses the strategies based on the principles of preventive, predictive and reactive maintenance. This strategy would allow us to optimize on resources and provide an effective and efficient management of the service benchmarked against international standards.